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The slideshow below beautifully captures the event, showcasing the highlights and key takeaways. It’s a great resource for those who were unable to attend or for those who want to revisit the inspirational moments.

“Many of you joined us on Nov. 2 for the Global Day of Impact. And we ran into some significant technical difficulties. We heard from many of you. We heard the grace and the forgiveness and for that we thank you. In a sense, that is exactly what philanthropy is all about. Philanthropy is about grace so we thank you for your grace.

Yolanda Webb, President of Impact100 Metro Denver


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Watch the Global Day of Impact

00:00 Countdown
13:10 Kristin Longley, President of Impact100 Pensacola Bay Area
14:06 Mr. Grover C. Robinson, IV, Mayor of
17:37 Kristin Longley, President of Impact100 Pensacola Bay Area
23:48 Debbie Ritchie, Founding President of Impact100 Pensacola Bay Area
34:43 Wendy H. Steele, Founder, and Chief Executive of Impact100 Global
1:09:54 Kristin Longley, President of Impact100 Pensacola Bay Area

A Global Celebration

We're Stronger Together

The Global Day of Impact is a celebration of the massive impact made by the members of every Impact100 chapter around the globe. This, our third annual celebration, was hosted by Impact100 Denver Metro.

We heard from Metro Denver’s current President, Yolanda Webb and the co-founders Pat Wynne and Cathy Murphy who brought Impact100 to this generous community back in 2015. The champagne sparkled and balloons fell from the ceiling when we announced the impact of Impact100! 

Thanks to every chapter, every leader, and every member, Impact100 has given away more than $140 MILLION through its members across 73 chapters! And we are not slowing our growth! There are currently 55 chapters in the process of getting started.


Of empowering women and transforming communities

$ 0 M+

Through transformative grants to communities throughout the world. 

As of 2022. Wendy will announce the updated number live during the event.

Active Chapters

With another 55 Impact100 Chapters in development.

As of 2022. Wendy will announce the updated number live during the event.


Who is this for?

Chapters & Members

We’re inviting existing and prospective chapters and their members to join us in the celebration. It’s only through our collective efforts and giving that we’ve reached this exciting milestone.

The General Public

We’re inviting the general public to learn more about Impact100 and the impact we’re making through the world and how you can join the movement.

The Press

We’re inviting the press and anyone willing to share this incredible story to increase awareness about Impact100, its chapters, and the philanthropic impact we are making throughout the world.

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“We will be very proud to stand at your side on this milestone day for you and your team on the Global Day of Impact.”

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