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fuels local change

The InHER Circle is the inner circle of individuals, families, and organizations that support the Impact100 movement at the global level through generous gifts of $10,000 or more. Although we offer varying levels of visibility for our InHER Circle members, the most significant reward is the knowledge that, thanks to their direct support, the Impact100 movement is thriving.

Your gift of generosity will allow Impact100 Global to meet the needs of our existing network of chapters around the world while nurturing local leaders looking to bring Impact100 to their community. By committing to multi-year support, InHER Circle members provide consistent cash flow for long term growth and sustainability.


—and growing. Empowering thousands of women to lead transformational change across the globe.

$ 0 M+

Through transformative grants to communities throughout the world. Generating an exponential return in local communities


With the Strong Support of the InHER Circle, We Will:

Drive Transformational Change

By dramatically accelerating new chapter growth in more communities around the world —both responding to interested chapters and proactively encouraging Chapters in high-potential communities.

Increase Chapter Impact and Long-term Sustainability

By improving member growth and retention via robust tools, customized coaching, and support 

Inspire and Equip Strong Women Leaders

By providing ongoing learning and growth opportunities, including training, credentialing, and platforms for lifelong enrichment and collaboration  

Facilitate Sisterhood and Solidarity

By uniting the Impact100 landscape as a cohesive global movement through communications, platforms and international programs. 

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Membership Levels


Annual commitment of $10,000-$49,000


Annual commitment of $50,000-$99,000


 Annual commitment of $100,000-$249,000


Annual commitment of $250,000+

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